The Benefits of an Aftermarket Threaded Barrel For Your Glock in Georgia

The Benefits of an Aftermarket Threaded Barrel For Your Glock in Georgia

There are many people whose first firearm purchase is a Glock gun. No matter what type of model it is, Glock is a very popular option. One of the first questions some first-time buyers ask themselves is if they should purchase a threaded barrel. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to see if you choose this option.


A sound suppressor, or what Hollywood calls a “silencer,” is one thing you can look forward to when a Glock threaded barrel is added to your gun. The main and, really, sole reason this is so is that a threaded barrel is the only way you can add a sound suppressor.


This is a benefit that directly correlates to the use of the sound suppressor. Sometimes, there are situations where you may want to use your gun undetected. While some users think a loud gun is good, that may not always be the case. A threaded barrel enables you to use one of the easiest ways to shoot discreetly

Installs Easily

When other types of installations are considered, a Glock threaded barrel replaces a traditional barrel incredibly easy. One thing to consider is that Glock does not directly manufacture threaded barrels. Therefore, you will need to purchase an aftermarket barrel that suits your needs. Make sure to check if the barrel will be compatible with your particular model of Glock.

If you are wanting to switch out your stock barrel with a threaded barrel, contact True Precision, INC.