Unique Diamond Rings Are the Best for Marriage Proposals

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Jewelry

A marriage proposal is a big deal for many women, with a number of them dreaming of the day their partners will ask the question, Will You Marry Me? For many women, the ring is the central focus of the proposal and will do their best to hint to their significant other, their preferences in terms of style and centre stone which is almost always diamonds. Even so, when shopping for diamond engagement rings Johannesburg you do not have to pick out the regular cut or design but can decide on a unique piece that will have her smiling after the proposal and showing it off to friends and family.

Diamond engagement rings Johannesburg is easy to find especially if you have an idea of what your partner likes in a ring. Also consider her daily activities and overall style to increase your chances of picking a diamond ring that will ensure that she says YES. Most times, her preferences can guide you into selecting a ring that fits their style but has unique features that infuse your taste as well. Some of the features that make rings that have been designed using diamonds stand out include:

  • Customized design

Mass produced diamond rings are available in most jewelry stores making them lose the special appeal that such rings are known for. It is no wonder many looking for stores that allow them to design unique rings to use for their proposal. Bespoke rings reflect a well thought out proposal that will be appreciated long after the special day has passed.

  • Color of diamond

Majority of rings that are designed to be used for marriage proposals usually have a white diamond as the centre stone. However, you can choose a colored diamond instead to make your partner’s engagement ring stand out on their finger. Some of the popular diamond colors are black, yellow, blue and pink which are available in different hues. If one of these colors is your partner’s favorite color, then a ring with a unique diamond color will make them feel special.

  • Metal band

So far, gold is the most popular metal used in the creation of engagement rings, either white or yellow gold. However, if you are looking for a unique look, you can go for platinum or titanium which are durable and stand out when paired with a diamond that has been well cut.

In general, rings that have diamonds embedded in their design are considered to be a special gesture during a proposal and usually result in a positive answer from many women. Even so, going an extra mile to create an exclusive engagement ring with the help of YOUR DIAMONDS will get you a more excited response that will be shared proudly to everyone in her life.

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