Some Common Stereotypes When It Comes to CZ Magazine Extensions

Some Common Stereotypes When It Comes to CZ Magazine Extensions

The topic of firearms generates a lot of buzz. Both the public at large and firearm owners continue to have some misconceptions about weapons. In the gun owner community, the stereotypes continue to circulate regarding the use of magazine extensions. To put it short, some people prefer them, while others are staunchly against them. If you are struggling with the decision of whether to buy one, some additional information can help. Here, we’ll dispel some of the myths related to magazine extensions.

They Are Too Clunky

The first thing most opponents of extensions will say is that they are awkwardly shaped, and too big. Know that this is not necessarily true. A CZ magazine extension really doesn’t add much bulk to your handgun. In fact, the extra weight actually provides a tactical advantage. You can easily use a free fall technique when dislodging mags that have an extension attached. The extra weight makes it a cinch to allow these mags to drop out. You’ll be able to switch out mags a lot faster in an emergency situation. This is one clear benefit to having a CZ magazine extension.

Too Hard to Hold

Some people will tell you that a magazine extension makes it hard to hold your weapon. Again, not true! Sometimes, the extra length provided by a base pad can actually help you get a firmer hold. Additionally, some extensions actually come with a treated surface for extra texture. This provides the user with another place to grip when operating in cold or wet weather. When it comes down to it, mag extensions help you keep your hand on your gun.

Don’t Need Extra Ammo

Still, some gun owners will say that they have no need for an extra two or three rounds. Most of these people are speaking from inexperience. One never truly knows how many rounds will be used in an emergency. The fact that you have a couple rounds more than your opponent can be the difference between life and death. Don’t take chances! Everyone could be better prepared by using a magazine extension.

Find Out For Yourself

The best way to know if a mag extension is right for you is to try it. This way, you can see if it can benefit your handgun use. Get started by buying a few CZ magazine extensions for your handgun.

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