Improve the Accuracy and Operation of Your Gun With a Custom Barrel

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Glock Accessories

The difference in looks, feel, and operation of a gun with a quality custom barrel is a complete 180-degree difference. Customization by experts with extensive knowledge of how guns work is the best way to optimize performance. Choose a customized barrel that’s easy to insert and gives you the flexibility you need to use different types of ammunition.

Designed with Improved Accuracy in Mind

The accuracy of your shot is only as good as the barrel design. You need a barrel that is made to handle the job and deliver you the accuracy it takes in either competition or self-defense situations. Being able to choose from customized options for a myriad of popular gun brands means you’re likely to find exactly what you need. It brings out the best in your gun and won’t let you down when the situation is critical.

Improved Feed and Performance for All Ammunition Types

Many after-market brand barrels leave you with a cramped feed that limits the type of ammunition you can comfortably use. Switch to a custom barrel that gives you the feed clearance to use any type of ammunition, including hollow point. You’ll have the flexibility to use what is needed and preferred at the time. The selections aren’t limited to one or two brands of a gun. Customized barrels exist for most of the brand’s people enjoy using.

Incredible Selection of Colors and Finishes

A custom barrel for your gun should offer you more than improved accuracy and extended use. Get the customized barrel that gives your gun the look that better suits your personality and style. Choose from a brushed metal look, gold-tone, or any number of specific color blends.

Check out the large selection of customized barrels offered by True Precision or visit our website for more information. Get the accuracy you need and the function you want.

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