Show Your Commitment to the Team: 3 Tips for Building the Ultimate Fan Cave

by | Nov 26, 2019 | Hockey Ceiling Fans

If you’ve never heard of a “fan cave,” it’s a bit like a “man cave” except that it’s dedicated to a specific team, band and celebrity. It can be a great place to revel in your passion and show your support for your favorites! If you’re ready to build your own fan cave, here are just a few tips for getting started.

  • Be Organized

You don’t want clutter to dominate your fan cave, especially if you’re collecting rare or valuable items that are vulnerable to damage. Try to keep things organized. Mount shelves and racks on the walls to stash things out of harm’s way; put your most precious items behind transparent display cases. Not only will you have a better-looking fan cave, but you’ll preserve the value of your memorabilia as well.

  • Diversify

While there’s nothing wrong with supporting a single team above all others, there’s also nothing wrong with branching out a bit. For example, you can put your San Jose Sharks collectibles on the same shelf as memorabilia for other hockey teams. You can create an overall hockey haven that celebrates all of your favorites.

  • Keep It Clean

This is another tip that will prevent damage to your memorabilia. It will also show everything off in the best possible light. Who wants to admire an autographed jersey when it’s stuck behind dirty, finger-smudged glass? Keep your fan cave nice and clean!

These are just a few ways that you can build a fan cave to showcase your support for your favorite team. For more ideas, check us out at Ultimate Hockey Fans. We offer hockey memorabilia for many different teams, so if you’re looking for San Jose Sharks collectibles, we’re the shop for you!

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