Bronville, NY, Company Introduces Revolutionary Organic Tanning Lotion

Bronville, NY, Company Introduces Revolutionary Organic Tanning Lotion

Today’s discerning consumer demands organic tanning lotion devoid of traditional skincare ingredients known or suspected to be harmful. Parabens, formaldehyde and microbeads are out. What’s in? Glance at the following to find out.

Minerals: Building Blocks of Healthy Skin

Minerals are essential micronutrients typically absorbed through the diet. However, minerals present in topical creams saturate the skin and enter the body via the epidermis. Minerals promote retention of moisture in skin and they help reduce irritation.

Aloe Vera & Sunflower Seed Oils

The skin-soothing power of aloe vera is well known. Aloe vera is a natural humectant that locks in moisture and keeps skin cool, supple and comfortable. Sunflower seed oils amplify these benefits, conditioning the skin and predisposing it to optimal hydration.

Vitamins and Algae

Vitamins E and ascorbyl palmitate are naturally powerful antioxidants. The latter is an oil-soluble form of vitamin C. Both deliver antioxidant protection from the ravaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause damage by default of destabilized atoms containing unpaired electrons. Antioxidants donate electrons without themselves becoming free radicals, fortifying skin at the cellular level.

Formulated for Precise, Streak-Free Application

The unique formulation of organic tanning lotion infuses it with natural, vibrant tint that lends itself to streak-free application with or without a mitt. Since the ingredients are natural and organic, drying time is rapid, there is no stickiness or risk of transfer onto sheets or clothing.

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