Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Black Diamonds

Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Black Diamonds

There is every possibility that you didn’t even know that black diamonds exist. You will have seen many diamonds in a range of colors, but black diamond jewelry may be new to you. Your favorite jeweler will know a lot more about black diamonds and can help you select a wonderful piece of exquisite jewelry.

Apart from the color, black diamonds are different because they are completely opaque. Despite the apparent rarity of black diamond jewelry, they are not so rare that they are more expensive than other diamonds. In practice, they are often more affordable than some of the other wonderfully colored diamonds.

How Can You Tell Black Diamonds Apart?

Known as fancy black diamonds, they are natural and are black when they are found. The color is rare compared to most options.
When they are known simply as black diamonds, they are not completely natural and their color will have been formed after treating the diamond with heat.

The heated black diamonds are probably only around 10% of the cost of fancy black diamonds. This makes the heated variety considerably more affordable, but when your budget allows, your choice of black diamond jewelry will probably include fancy black diamonds.

Being available mostly from central Africa and Brazil, black diamonds are not found in as many locations as the clear majority of colored or colorless diamonds.

Should you inspect jewelry across the Internet, you may find a high number of heat-treated black diamonds, mostly because the jewelry can be sold within price ranges that are affordable for more individuals.

When you require confirmation that you wish to purchase natural fancy black diamonds, you must ask your questions carefully to a certified and trusted professional jeweler to ensure you are purchasing the diamonds of your choice.