What You Should Know About Tyvek

What You Should Know About Tyvek

Plastic suits are common in certain industries, and if you have to wear a Tyvek suits with a hood, or even one without, you should have a basic knowledge of these suits before you start wearing them. Here is some information about Tyvek that you might find to be interesting.

Tyvek is Lightweight

When most people think of Tyvek, they believe that it is heavy and bulky, but this isn’t’ true. The truth is, Tyvek is made by DuPont, who designed the material to be easy and comfortable to wear. This way, whether you are in the lab or on the farm, you will have full protection without feeling weighed down. These suits also have a great range of movement, so you won’t feel stiff, either.

Tyvek Will Not Wear Away

Another thing that you should know about Tyvek is that it is tough…and it will not wear away no matter what condition you are in. These suits are very good for working in maintenance, where you might find yourself in contact with chemicals, or when you know that you are in dangerous conditions, such as in old buildings that might hide asbestos. The suits with hoods are also excellent for mold remediation or for situations where major cleanup is required.

Tyvek is Appropriate for the Style-Minded

Finally, you will find that Tyvek, though it is designed to keep you safe, looks pretty good, too. It has a better fit than its competitors, and though you might think that they will be uncomfortable and look bulky, they are actually designed to fit the body with ease.

If you work in an environment where you require full body protection from head to toe, you will find a number of benefits to Tyvek. Talk to your management team today to find out how Tyvek can work for you.

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