Helping Kids Transition to a Twin Bed in Green Bay, WI

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Shopping

Cribs can offer parents a lot of peace of mind. Their children are in one place, safe, and unable to get into things around the house. But, what happens when a toddler learns to climb over the side of the crib? What happens when a new baby is on the way, and the crib needs to be vacated to make room? It takes some time, but it is possible to transition a child into a twin bed in Green Bay WI. Here are a couple of tips for getting things started.

Start Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to help a child make this transition. It can take time, and the last thing a parent wants is to be dealing with a new baby and a child in a new bed. Get started before the child will be expected to sleep in the room. Some parents like to show off how they are sleeping in a big bed. Other parents allow their children to lay on the bed frequently to get the feel for it. Whatever approach is going to be taken, start before it is a necessity.

Create a Kid-Friendly Sleeping Area

Before asking a child to sleep in a bigger bed, make sure that the space is appealing. This means looking into sheets that will help ease the transition. Sometimes, when kids see characters or shapes on their sheets, they immediately feel like this is a place they belong. Allow a child to place stuffed animals on the bed to sleep overnight to create an ideal space for the child. Check out the Lullabye Shop for fun kids’ bedding.

Keep Safety in Mind

A crib is a safe place for kids to sleep. They can’t get out without assistance, and they can’t accidentally roll off the side. But, all of that changes with a twin bed in Green Bay WI. Take the time to look for a railing that will prevent falling. These come in different shapes and sizes but can make a real difference when it comes to a parent’s peace of mind. Also, it’s important to realize that a child will not have more access to space when he or she wakes up, so a baby gate at the door is advisable.

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