Do’s and Don’ts When Using a Percussion Massage Gun

Do’s and Don’ts When Using a Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion massage guns can be fun and easy to use, but are you using them correctly? Experts say that if used incorrectly, they can actually cause more complications than what is expected of them.

So, here’s a compiled list of what to do and what NOT to do when using a percussion massage gun.


  • Consult your physical therapist before using a percussion massage gun.
  • Check your medical records and note if there’s any particular health condition that you should bring to your physical therapist’s attention that may jeopardize your overall health if you were to use a percussion massage gun.
  • Use the percussion massage gun exactly as instructed both by your physical therapist and the device’s user manual.


  • Don’t get too trigger-happy with the percussion massage gun and be tempted to use it all over your body. There are certain areas that should be avoided. Again, this is why consulting your physical therapist first is extremely important.
  • Don’t use the percussion massage gun as an absolute substitute to professional massage therapy. Skilled professional massage therapists know how to determine what type of injury you’re experiencing and what part of the body it is – a bone, a muscle, a nerve, or a fascia. A percussion massage gun does not; it’s best used as a complementary tool for massage therapy.

People are becoming more and more familiar with percussion massage gun Australia. With the growing interest in DIY tools for recovery, percussion massage guns are definitely going to be around for some time.