Choosing The Right Ear Piercing Tunnels For You

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Online Shopping, Shopping

Are you wondering if ear piercing tunnels are the right choice for you this year? They are definitely the right pick for the most fashionable and jewelry conscious individuals. These unique pieces of jewelry come in various designs, materials, and sizes to suit your taste of fashion. With so many options to choose from, its easy to pick a pair of tunnel gauges that will make you feel indifferent about these praised pieces of jewelry. So, here some tips on how to land on the right choice.

Purchase from a trusted source

Unfortunately, the fashion industry is flocked and competitive, with many counterfeits in the market. Ear piercing plugs from sketchy sources have disappointing results. However, this shouldn’t be the reason why you give up on finding the right piercing tunnels. Research adequately on the best jewelry stores, both online and offline. Remember, reputation is your lead role during research.

What’s your ideal size?

Gauge sizes determine the size of tunnels to purchase. Be sure to shop for plugs that will match perfectly with the circumference of your gauge. Risking with a huger tunnel than your piercing gauge may cause stretching, which may trigger discomfort, tearing, and wounds. If you would like to enlarge the size of your piercing gauge, consider buying tapers. Tunnels perform better as aesthetic enhancers.

Pick the material wisely

Similarly to size choices, tunnel materials have a wide range of options hard to exhaust. There are options such as wood, plastic, metal, and wood. You could choose plain tunnels or the highly decorated options that have a blend of materials or diamonds. Your best choice entirely depends on your personal taste and preference. Remember to ensure that you buy genuine products worth the value of your money.

You cannot go wrong with ear piercing tunnels for your ears. Follow these three critical tips when shopping for your jewelry.

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