Women’s Perfumes in Los Angeles, CA May Help Long-Haul COVID Patients

More than 12% of people experience long-term problems with their sense of smell after a COVID-19 infection. That’s according to NYU Langone Health. An intriguing approach to solving this problem involves using perfume fragrances as treatment. Anyone interested in trying this method might visit an organization providing some of the best perfumes for women Los Angeles CA.

COVID and Olfactory Dysfunction

COVID-19 causes two primary types of changes to the sense of smell, a problem medically known as olfactory dysfunction. Anosmia is the total loss of this sense. Hyposmia involves a reduction but not complete loss. Because smell is intrinsically connected with taste, that sense is negatively affected as well. Up to 70% of COVID patients experience short-term symptoms of this nature.

Long-Haul COVID

When people continue to experience symptoms long after this should have ended, the problem is commonly referred to as long-haul COVID. Some only deal with the olfactory changes and no other symptoms.

The Fragrance Strategy

The fragrance-related strategy for regaining one’s olfaction involves starting with smelling lighter scents and continuing with increasingly more powerful fragrances. Sampling the best perfumes for women in Los Angeles, CA this way can lead to impressive improvements in olfactory ability.

Maximum improvement may not be experienced for a while, but people can expect gradual positive results after participating in the sampling. They might want to buy the fragrance they were first able to detect after weeks or months without smelling anything.

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