The Rich History of the Diamond Necklace

by | Nov 16, 2016 | Jewelry

Go to a jeweler and try on some of the many beautiful and amazing diamond necklace selections and you might spend a great deal of time deciding on which one you really want. When you do this, you are repeating something that your ancient ancestors did thousands of years ago. But what is the appeal of necklaces and why do we cherish them so much? Let’ take a short trip back in time to check them out.

A Great Place to Hang Something

Think about this. If you need somewhere to put something so it won’t get lost, where is the best place? The right answer to this question is “around the neck”. So, in order to have a place to store your possession, you need to make a loop from something and attach your thing of value to it, then place the loop over the head and around the neck. Now it will not be lost and is readily accessible. This is where the origin of necklaces most likely came from.

Some of the earliest necklaces featured ornaments and stones which people found attractive. Also, many early necklaces were fashioned from small stones and sea shells which early man ground tiny holes into, so they could be strung on vines, rope, or leather.

Although the diamond necklace was not available in most parts of the world, there were many other types. Many ancient people enjoyed the appeal of jewelry with its physical and emotional effects. However, there were other uses. For example, certain tribes or clans could be identified by the type of jewelry or adornment they wore.

A man might be awarded a special animal tooth or bone for a brave deed or for exceptional hunting skills. Yes, the diamond necklace of today is rich in tradition and history and you become a part of that history when you buy one.

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