Caring For A Wedding Band in Albuquerque NM

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Jewelry

A jeweler is not just useful for the purchase of a wedding band, but is also there to care for it when it needs servicing. Many people want to retain the look of their jewelry for years to come, making it necessary to take steps in maintaining it throughout its life so it stays looking like new.

When a Womens Wedding Bands in Albuquerque NM does not fit properly, a jeweler will be able to help. The person who wears the ring will need to go to the jeweler with their ring. They will have their finger sized appropriately to see if the ring needs to be altered. Often stretching a ring to a larger size can be done on the premises if it is not going to be enlarged very much. The ring is put onto a machine that will slightly stretch the opening so it slides over the finger better. If the ring is too big, an extender can be placed inside the band, hidden from view. If a more permanent solution is required, the ring can be sent out to be cut to a smaller size.

Cleaning and repairing the ring is another job a jeweler can do. Most jewelers require that fine jewelry pieces are brought in at regularly scheduled intervals for an evaluation. This is usually done to keep the warranty on the item intact. The jeweler will check over the piece, noting if there are problems with the setting that need to be repaired or if the stones are chipped or dirty. The jeweler will have a cleaning machine on the premise to use to remove all debris from within crevices of the ring. A special solution is used that will be safe for the particular stone and metal used in the wedding band as well.

If someone needs further information about the services available in caring for a ring, they can find a jewelry who can help tend to a wedding band in Albuquerque NM. Going to the establishment with the ring will be best as the workers will care for the ring right away, keeping it looking like new as a result. For more updates, follow John Thomas Jewelers on Instagram.

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