Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Office Coffee Machine

Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Office Coffee Machine

Your good, old faithful office coffee machine finally kicked the bucket. The days without coffee in an office are dark days, but you want to pick the right machine for your next purchase. There is way more than your simple filter coffee machine out there. Here are some questions to ask yourself before buying your next office coffee machine.

How Many People Drink Coffee?

How many of the employees in your office drink coffee? This is an important question, because different types of machines are meant for different volumes of coffee production. If you have a high volume of coffee drinkers, a pod or capsule machine might get annoying because everyone has to wait for an individual cup to brew. A larger filter machine is better to have many cups ready at once.

How Fancy Do You Get?

Office coffee machines in Chicago or another city can do way more than brew simple coffee. Do you want the machine to brew regular coffee, or do you want espresso? If you choose espresso, do you want plain espresso or a steam wand that can make things like lattes and cappuccinos? There are many capabilities a coffee machine can have, so try to narrow down what you’re looking for.

How Skilled is Your Office?

No one expects an office of baristas, but maybe you have one. Each type of machine takes a different skill level to operate. If you want espresso drinks, you might want a pod machine that creates a cappuccino or latte at the press of a button. Alternatively, if your office has a collective hidden talent for making coffee, you could get a traditional espresso machine.

What’s Your Budget?

This is the most important question. If you have a small budget and you want good coffee, a plain filter machine might be best. However, larger budgets mean more possibilities.

Whatever your needs for coffee are, there’s a machine out there to end your dark time of a coffee-deprived office. You need to ask a few questions to narrow down your needs and your options. Once you do that, you’re on the way to the coffee machine of your office dreams.

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