Jumpfrog lure Malaysia

As the name suggests, a lure is intended to entice fish to come to you. It helps when there is something colourful designed to catch their attention and this is where a Jumpfrog lure Malaysia is ideal.

There are a number of different types of jumpfrog lure, each with their own distinct look patterned after various animals. There is the Amazon Hunter Jump Frog, the Angry Guppy, the Dart Frog with additional silicone skirt and the parrot jump frog. They are all bright and colourful, inevitably attracting attention of fish.

Each of these lures is hand crafted, whether they are made from wood or rubber, lightweight or something a bit more solid. The benefit of this is that they do not feel artificial, the action and how the lures move is more realistic and therefore increases the chances that you’ll get more bites and more fish coming to see what’s on offer. With several options available you should find something with the ideal length or weight for your chosen fishing style.

We realise that it can be difficult when first coming across the various options that are available. This is why at Seahawk Fishing we encourage people to contact us, especially if you are a beginner and need to discuss what you need in more depth. Talk to us today and we will help find the ideal Jumpfrog lure Malaysia to suit your needs, as well as any other information you might need on the rest of our range.