Breakfast Food From an Ice Cream Shop in St. Paul, MN? You Betchya!

Breakfast Food From an Ice Cream Shop in St. Paul, MN? You Betchya!

Ice cream shops in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN are a real treat- literally. Yet, one shop in St. Paul, in particular, is unlike any other. You can get more than just homemade ice cream daily. You can get breakfast and lunch nibbles to eat at the shop or on the go. Here are just a few of the tasty items offered as breakfast food in Saint Paul, MN, ice cream shops.

Saint Krumkakes

This Norwegian specialty is common in Minnesota because many Norwegian immigrants found Minnesota’s chilly winters to be to their liking. As the Norwegians settled in large groups, they brought with them their many ethnic foods. Krumkake is a sort of waffle cake rolled into a cone shape and stuffed with various fillings. Think of it as the equivalent to French crepes or the Italian cannolis, if you will. The Krumkakes offered in ice cream shops are some of the best, especially if you get the Krumkake fresh off the iron in the morning ordering breakfast food in Saint Paul, MN.

Glazed Donuts, Oatmeal, and Fresh Fruit

If you aren’t sure you want to try a Minnesotan Norwegian favorite, then try oatmeal with fresh fruit. In the cold Minnesotan winters, nothing sticks to your ribs or warms you from the inside out better than oatmeal. It is the perfect consistency with the right flavors and you can sweeten it as you like and add fresh fruit too. If you don’t have time for oatmeal, grab a delicious glazed donut.