How Embroidery in Olathe Adds a Professional Touch

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Clothing

Deciding to have a uniform or other apparel embroidered means choosing the right company to perform the task. A high-quality supplier will make certain that all colors match up correctly and that the graphics are done exactly as expected. There are numerous things that can be embroidered. Many companies choose this method for putting logos on hats and uniform shirts and jackets, but other custom items can be ordered as well.

Embroidery in Olathe can also be applied to dress shirts, sweaters, and hoodies, as well as much more. There are a number of reasons to consider this custom method, even though it costs more than printing. The colors of the embroidered design will remain vibrant even after the apparel is washed numerous times. There is a dimensional appearance to embroidered work that makes it more noticeable than printed items and adds an extra level of professionalism.

Embroidery in Olathe is also more appropriate for fabrics that will not hold a vinyl decal or be able to be screen printed properly. Heavily textured fabrics or fuzzy items like fleece are not able to properly replicate printed designs. Embroidery does not have this type of limitations.

At professional printing and embroidery shops like Business Name, they are able to take nearly any artwork and transform it into an embroidered piece. This is done through computer digitization. The art department will use either a photo or other image provided by the client to transform it into a digital image that is then used to create a finished product with their innovative equipment.

Every project is a little different than the last, so it is important to work with the shop closely to make certain that all of the details are correct. Unlike most screen printing, the customer is not charged more for individual colors, but by the amount of stitches needed to create the finished work. A heavily detailed image or a large embroidered patch will cost more than something small and simple. Quotes are always available no matter how many items are needed, and online design software and ordering makes it easy for everyone to see what the finished work will look like before they accept any offer.

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