Antique Motorcycle Parts and Care

When it comes to antique motorcycles, extreme care must be taken. This is due not only to the age of the vehicle but also to the fact that a large number of antique motorcycle parts are incredibly difficult to find.


At first glance, there may be nothing seemingly wrong with classic tires on a motorcycle. However, because of age, it is important to check the tires. Once tires reach a certain age, the grip losing strength. This is especially the case when roads are wet. The solution is to open the tires while cleaning. If the part of the tire that comes in contact with the wheel is damaged or rusty, the tire will need to be replaced.


Move the steering a few times to check the movement of the bearings. If the movement is not smooth, a new bearing is required. As a matter of fact, when it comes to antique motorcycle parts, replacing the bearing is something that actually needs to be done at least every five years or so.

Gear and Chain

The use of special gear and chain lubricants can lead to the erosion of the chain on an antique motorcycle. The tension of the chain is also quite important. Ensure that the chain has appropriate and fitting tension on a regular basis, even if the bike is not used often.


Other important antique motorcycle parts include the brakes. You will need to not only check the thickness of the brakes but also check the connection of the cables as well. Clean routinely and immediately replace any damaged components. It is also a good idea to replace the brake fluid at least every two or three years.

Finally, it is always important to use quality antique motorcycle parts on your vintage bike. While cheaper parts may be easier on your wallet, you are giving up durability and endurance.