5 Slimming Mastectomy Swimsuits

5 Slimming Mastectomy Swimsuits

From classic bikinis to A-line bodysuits, mastectomy swimsuits are now available in many conventional swimsuit styles. But we all have different body types, and not all swimsuits flatter each body shape the same way. Therefore, it can be overwhelming to choose a suit that complements your body.

Moreover, women who have undergone a mastectomy or other form of breast surgery may feel even more concerned about the design of their swimsuit.

We recently reviewed numerous mastectomy swimsuits on the market. Keep reading for our top five picks of the most elegant and stylish slimming mastectomy swimsuits that will help you regain your confidence this summer.

1. The classic one-piece bodysuit

What better way to start our list than with the classic bodysuit? It is a long-standing favorite of women looking to appear slimmer. The JODEE 1469 Fun in the Sun Mastectomy Tank Swim Suit is our top pick. Why? Because those white stripes are not only stylish but their horizontal placement starting from the peripheries of the waist to the lower tummy, allows the waist to appear thinner and any visibility of a protruding tummy to be reduced. Furthermore, this bodysuit has a special nylon tummy control panel for slimming effects.

2. The A-Line one-piece bodysuit

A-line swimsuits (or swim dresses) are flirty, fun and cute. They are perfect for accentuating curbs at the right places; making the appearance of the hourglass figure that many women strive to have. The JODEE 2069/2070 Blue Maze Mastectomy Swim Dress is a tropical and stylish swimsuit with adjustable straps for customization and extra comfort. This wild pattern on this swimsuit is extra flirty and is sure to remove attention from any unwanted curves. Oh, and if that was not enough, this bodysuit also has a nylon tummy control panel in place.

3. The two-piece tank top and shorts set

You want to do cartwheels on the beach? Go ahead. Because the Penbrooke 42544 Swim Short with Tummy Control and the JODEE 2054/2055 Mastectomy Dancing Ribbon Blouson Top allow you to do it all. Often, swimsuits call for A-line skirts for extra lower-body coverage, but swim skirts are not for everyone. This shorts set is for the women who want to feel comfortable doing anything on the beach without worrying about gusts of wind or beach sports making their skirts rise.

Our chosen top is of blouson tank style, which is known to enhance the shape of the shoulders, allows room for the tummy and has an adjustable drawstring which is excellent for adjusting the length and shape of the top to match the style and placement of the bottoms. The shorts we have featured here come in both navy and black, have a tummy block and are guaranteed to make your worries less about what you are wearing and more about ways to have fun on the beach!

4. The frilled top

Frilled tops are fun to wear and offer a great amount of coverage for women who are sensitive about their torso area. Overlapping frills have the power to mask the shape of your upper body, and when you’re moving around, those flowing frills provide an attractive and ideal beachy look. The Penbrooke 5510368M Indigo Cloud Single Tier Mastectomy Tankini Top is fashioned with two frills and an attractive pattern. The darker primary color allows for slimming effects. But we also like the darker color because when combined with the frills, it does not result in an overpowering top. Finally, we love the length of the top, which is long enough to provide lower hip coverage even when paired with bikini briefs.

5. The bikini

Bikinis are not exactly known for their slimming or coverage, but they can be! With any bikini, a dark colored high waisted brief allows for the appearance of a slimmer tummy. Our personal favorite is the The Amoena 71118 Ayon High Waist Swim Brief.

We love the fact that it’s high waisted and has a strap of a tantalizing pattern that would provide waist cinching effects. Due to their neutral style, they can be matched with many different tops. The Amoena 71123 Cocos Mastectomy Swim Top is a good start. It is soft and wire-free, provides excellent coverage on the front and has a flattering U-shaped back. Moreover, the front-closure provides extremely easy wear and removal. Overall, it is an ultra-comfortable, discreet and sporty swim bra.