Wedding Rings in Merrillville Never Go Out of Style

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Jewelry

Wedding rings in Merrillville never go out of style, as the metals from which they are made have captured artistic imaginations for over 100 years. You may prefer one metal, such as gold, or you may unexpectedly discover a metal that becomes your favorite. Knowing the qualities of each of the jewelry styles will ensure that your wedding ring selection will give you a lifetime of satisfaction.

Choosing Metal Jewelry

Fine jewelry metals have captured the imaginations of jewelry artists for centuries. You may prefer one kind of metal or may be surprised to discover a new favorite among the wide range of metals used in jewelry today. Each has its distinct advantages, and some have unique looks and applications for jewelry. Understanding the qualities of certain metals or alloys can help ensure that the piece you select today will offer a lifetime of satisfaction.

White and Rose Gold Rings

The metal of gold itself provides for an interesting selection in wedding rings. For example, you can select yellow gold as well as white gold, rose gold and vermeil. One of the more popular gold alloys in wedding rings today is white gold. White gold is formed when the metal is mixed or alloyed with palladium or nickel, and zinc and copper elements.

White golds are never actually white in color. As a result, they are plated with a platinum metal known as rhodium. If you buy a wedding ring in white gold, keep this in mind as rhodium wears down after some time. Re-plating the ring can easily restore its white and brilliant finish.

Customers who buy wedding rings in Merrillville also love rings made of rose gold. This warm blush of gold often flatters a bride’s skin tone. The gold is formed by alloying gold with copper. In most instances, a 14-karat rose gold ring is made up of 58.5% pure gold and alloyed with copper to create its pinkish hue. For more information visit Albert’s Diamond Jewelers today.

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