Vaping Vs Smoking: How Much Healthier Is It?

Vaping Vs Smoking: How Much Healthier Is It?

Die-hard smoker? Can’t seem to shake off the habit no matter how much you try? Here’s why you vaping is a healthier choice than smoking and why you need to make the switch now:

  • Public Health England says e-cigs are safer than smoking, being 95 less harmful than tobacco, according to The Guardian. So if you want the habit without the risks, vaping offers you a way to do that without putting your health at risk.

  • Second-hand smoke from e-cigarettes aren’t dangerous, unlike second-hand smoke from tobacco. If you want to ensure you protect your family from second-hand smoke, then switching to vaping is wise.

  • Vapor from e-cigs contain mere traces of the 30 plus carcinogens readily available in the smoke you produce when you use a cigarette.

  • People inhale so much less carbon monoxide from e-cigs than when they take a puff out of a tobacco cigarette.

  • It helps you quit smoking. You can easily adjust your nicotine intake levels until you can smoke with nicotine-free e-juices and flavors. That can pave the way for you to finally get nicotine out of your system and to stop the nicotine abuse.

  • It makes a difference, says Mt Baker Vapor. Just consider the number of deaths caused by cigarette smoking and second-hand smoke every year. By using a vapor electronic cigarette, users won’t have to suffer from serious health risks. They can continue with the habit, without putting their health and the health of others at risk.

These are just a few of the reasons why vaping is definitely better than smoking. So if you’re still puffing on a cigarette, it might be time for you to consider better options, especially ones that provide the best advantage to your health. Whether you want a healthier alternative to smoking or to quit in the long run, getting that first e-cig is a step towards a safer and healthier future.