Tips on Finding The Right Wedding Jewellery At A Marriage Mantra Jewellery Exhibition

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Exhibition Planner

Wedding jewellery is a vital aspect of any bridal outfit. It is your special day, so the jewellery you wear should be just as stunning as you are. There are several places you can go to find suitable wedding jewellery, such as jewellery exhibitions. You get to see the latest designs from numerous vendors, making it the ideal place to acquire your wedding jewellery. If you are considering visiting a few jewellery exhibits, here are tips on how to pick the best pieces.

Consider your Comfort

The first thing to remember when choosing jewellery for your wedding day outfit is that it should feel comfortable. You should feel confident and delighted with your choice. Your wedding jewellery is a great way to make a statement but be careful not to overdo it. Wearing too much will weigh you down and can be quite uncomfortable. When you’re satisfied with your choices, you’ll feel confident which is the best accessory, after all, your special day.

Combine Your Metals

Some metals look better with specific dress colours. For example, ivory is best suited with gold because it complements the fabric’s milky tone. Go with silver, platinum, or pearl accents if you have a pure white gown—gold may clash with brighter white colours. Luckily, jewellery exhibitions in Dubai offer various choices you can try out to find your best fit.

Think of your gown

It is crucial to consider your unique style while buying jewellery to complement your wedding regalia. Your gown is the second part of the equation and finding jewellery that complements it is crucial to looking your best. Certain silhouettes appear better with certain jewellery pieces. Additionally, unique undertones in your gown’s fabric may look stunning when coupled with specific precious metal pieces. That’s why you should keep your gown in mind while jewellery shopping.

Necklaces and collars

Your gown’s neckline will play a significant part in framing your face, so choose the appropriate accessories to complement it. If your dress has a strapless neckline, consider wearing a shorter necklace combined with a simple bracelet. The chunkiness of a necklace is a significant consideration. Smaller-sized jewellery will look excellent on you if you are diminutive.

Finding the perfect necklace, wedding diamond band, or earring is hard work. The goal is to obtain wonderfully jewellery pieces that are stunning but do not break your bank in the process. That’s why jewellery exhibitions such as those held in Dubai are a great place to find what you need for your special day.

Marriage Mantra has a huge selection of jewellery, gift items, and bridal accessories to choose from. Please note that all Marriage Mantra exhibitions are for females and families only. Men without accompanying women will not be allowed to enter the premises even if they are genuine shoppers. Please bring your family along.

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