Tips For Choosing Dog Toys In India

Tips For Choosing Dog Toys In India

Owning a dog or a puppy for the first time is both exciting as well as a bit overwhelming. A visit to a pet store anywhere in India provides dog owners with thousands of choices in dog toys, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your pet.
To get the right dog toys, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind. For first-time dog owners, trying a variety of different types of toys can help you to determine your dog’s favorites.

Toy for Gentle Dogs

Plush toys, or stuffed dog toys India, are ideal for puppies and dogs with gentle chewing habits. Many of these toys contain squeakers, which can cause more aggressive and playful dogs to rip the plush toys apart. It is important to monitor your dog with a squeaky or plush toy. If they are trying to tear it apart or are chewing excessively, remove the toy whenever you are not present.

Parts and pieces, including stuffing, can pose a choking hazard for dogs of all sizes. It is also essential to select plush toys made for dogs. While a dog may love your child’s plush toy, these toys are unsafe for dogs and often have pieces and items on the toy that the puppy or dog can swallow.

Toys for High Energy Dogs

Puppies and dogs that are aggressive chewers and those that like to pull and tug on toys will enjoy hard rubber and nylon toys. These are very durable and long-lasting, and they are virtually impossible for a dog to damage or destroy.

When choosing hard rubber balls or chew toys, make sure they are large enough so the dog cannot swallow the toy. Remove the toy at the first sign of damage.

Avoid any rawhide chew toys for dogs or puppies. These types of dog toys are sold in many pet stores throughout India. The rawhide toys break apart when the dog bites down. The dog can easily swallow small or large amounts of the rawhide. It swells in their throat or digestive system, posing potentially dangerous and life-threatening issues.