It is Time to Embrace the Prints

When ethnicity comes to mind, sarees become the primary concern. They date back to several years and are still accepted and admired by the Indian women worldwide. The draping nature of a saree braces the soul and body of an individual and brings out the alpha personality of a woman. A saree becomes an extraordinary work of art when they are printed. Various kinds of prints are said to be matching different kinds of personalities of an individual. Printed Casual Saree Collection may help an individual to choose the right one for oneself.

What are the popular prints that are embroidered on the sarees?

Sarees have been hailing from thousands of years back. The initial draping pieces of clothes did not have any kind of prints on them for the obvious reason. Due to the lack of modern technology, printing of sarees was not in fashion. Only dying and simple designs could be done. Nowadays the designers have taken the initiative to experiment with prints and patterns that can suit a saree and the owner in an ideal manner.

Floral prints on a saree have always been popular. Some are vivid and eye-catching, while the others are soothing and mesmerizing. Flowers on a saree holds power to define the mood of a person or represent a day quite well. Apart from floral print, geometric patterns are always in fashion. Provinces such as Rajasthan specialize in “bandhani” prints, a process of dyeing sarees by tying knots. South Indian states specialize in a particular kind of printing called “kalamkari.”

What is the use of prints on the sarees?

Like each plain and non-printed saree is a canvas for immense artistical potentiality, a printed saree highlights several stories. Printed Casual Saree Collection can be opted for if one wants her wardrobe to transform into a library of some hidden stories.

Printed sarees are one of a kind collection that one possesses and also reflects upon an individual’s choice. Selecting the right print for the right occasion is what one should aim for. A soothing and subtle print if worn to the workplace, enhances the power of one’s confidence, while a multi-color print with the minimalistic hairdo, gives a festive look. Printed Casual Saree Collection helps an individual to look their best on any given occasion.