The Connection Between Pheromones and Perfumes

by | Aug 10, 2020 | Cosmetics & Beauty Supply

Most people are aware that there are a range of different hormones produced by the human body. These work inside the body to regulate a variety of systems, including the reproductive systems of both men and women. However, there are also a group of hormones, known as pheromones, which are not used inside the body but rather on the outside. These pheromones, in perfumes or in odorless products, can be used to boost the natural effect of attracting men and women.

Pheromones in perfumes are not new, but science has allowed a much purer and more effective type of human pheromone to be developed. It is critical to understand that human pheromones are not the same as the pheromones produced by any other species. Any species, from insects to humans, are only able to detect pheromones from other members of the same species, which is all part of the way that living organism communication with each other.

Modern Hygiene

While no one would advocate for the elimination of daily showers and personal hygiene routines, the products we use wash off or cover up the natural pheromones produced in the body. Soaps, body washes, deodorants, powers, lotions and creams all mask or remove the naturally occurring pheromones perfume for men in Miami FL. Applying pheromones in perfumes can restore and even boost those natural levels and provide a powerful way to communicate with others without any need to talk.

You can use pheromones in perfumes the same as any other product. Spray a small amount or add a drop or two behind the ears, on the wrist or on the throat for increased confidence and attractiveness.

Pheromones in Perfumes

There are two basic options when considering products that include pheromones in perfumes. You can choose to by a scented product which are the traditional pheromones in perfumes, or you can choose a pheromone product that is scentless. This option allows you to layer or combine your favorite scents with the odorless product for the best of both worlds.

Both men and women can take full advantage of pheromones in perfumes to attract the opposite sex. You will find that these products also may boost your levels of self-confidence and allow you to interact, meet new people and generally feel good about yourself when you are wearing the product. We offer different options of pheromones in perfumes for both men and women.

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