Questions To Ask When Buying A Tempur Pedic Mattress in Jackson, MS

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Shopping

A Tempur pedic mattress is one of the most comfortable purchases a person can make. These mattresses are sure to make for a good night’s sleep, and are a great addition to any bedroom set. Even after the decision to purchase a Tempur pedic mattress in Jackson, MS has been made, there are still a few questions buyers should ask themselves before bringing one home.

What Size?

Tempur pedic mattresses in Jackson, MS come in the same standard sizes as most other brands: twin, full or double, queen, and king. A twin Tempur pedic mattress is the smallest available, measuring at 39 inches across. A full or double is 54 inches across, a queen is 60 inches, and a king is 76 inches. All mattresses have the same set standard length of 75 inches, though queen and king mattresses often have a “long” option available, giving buyers an extra five inches of length.

How soft or how firm?

Soft mattresses aren’t always the most comfortable option, which may seem counter-intuitive. A soft mattress will cause your body to bounce about the bed while you sleep, and offer little to no resistance against your body. Upon awaking, most people, especially those with pre-existing joint or muscle problems will often wake up feeling exceptionally sore. Even people who are perfectly healthy often complain of neck and back problems after spending the night on a soft mattress. Firm mattresses tend to be the preferred choice simply because of the increased support and resistance to the body. A person who sleeps on a firm mattress is likely to have better posture, and will awake with fewer aches and pains than someone who spent the night on a pillow-soft mattress. The right mattress for you will have the right combination of soft and firm, and will ensure spine support.

How thick?

Tempur pedic mattresses come in a variety of thicknesses – from 4 inches to 22 inches. The right thickness for you will depend on your weight, build, and your individual comfort zone. The position in which you sleep will also play a role in determining how thick or think your ideal mattress should be. It’s important to keep in mind that thick mattresses will be a lot softer than thin ones.


Some people are tempted to save a lot of money on their mattress, but this is not the spot in the bedroom to pinch your pennies. A mattress should ideally last years, and it is the spot where you spend nearly one third of your time. Shop around for the best deal, but avoid cheaply produced products or second hand items. Your body deserves the best.

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