Order Shirts That Each Contain A Screen Print In Bonner Springs

Order Shirts That Each Contain A Screen Print In Bonner Springs

A restaurant owner can purchase garments for their employees to promote their eatery. Lightweight shirts that each contain a Screen Print in Bonner Springs can be customized and ordered in bulk. Before ordering clothing items, an individual should contact us to learn more about how screen printing and the clothing items that are for sale.

View Garments And Screen Print Designs

View the website that belongs to a business that sells screen printed items to learn more about the clothing and the designs that are for sale. Many garments are constructed of cotton and will not shrink or lose their shape when they are laundered.

A client can choose a clothing color that matches the decor or signs inside of their establishment or they may choose a distinct color that will stand out and help people identify the employees during working hours. Each workers name, the name of a restaurant and contact information can be added to the front and back of a shirt.

Examples of some standard Screen Print in Bonner Springs designs are displayed on a website. Print, script, bold and italics are used for lettering and numbering and will provide garments with a unique and professional appearance.

If a customer is interested in adding a picture or wording to the front or back of each shirt that they purchase, they should contact the design company to discuss the layout of the design and the type of lettering that is desired.

Obtain Measurements And Place An Order

A business owner can hold an informal meeting to tell their employees about the shirts that they will be purchasing. During this time, an employer can request the size that each employee requires. Each person should be supplied with a few shirts so that a clean one is readily available during each work shift.

Care instructions should be given to the people who will be receiving the new garments. Garments should be laundered separately from other clothing and they should be hung on a clothesline to dry.

If an employer would like to ensure that clothing items are cared for, they can provide a laundering service and request that their employees drop off their dirty clothing each week so that the shirts can be dry cleaned and pressed.