Not Your Father’s Rings: An Intro to All Things Men’s Rings in Indiana

Your father’s fanciest rings were probably his wedding band, his college ring and the ring he received for achieving a masonic degree at his home lodge. Those days are long gone. Today’s men’s rings come in all shapes, sizes, colors and metal types. They boast precious stones and creative stone settings, and you can rock them whenever you feel like it. Here’s your quick guide to what’s available.

Mighty Metals: Rings for Today’s and Tomorrow’s Men

Men’s rings come in a wide array of metals. Gold, of course, needs no introduction. Choose between levels of purity ranging from 10K to 24K. Although not as precious as gold, other metals, such as cobalt, tantalum, titanium and steel, are equally durable and attractive.

There are also platinum, palladium and tungsten to consider. Each metal has a high degree of hardness, resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. Other metals also present a safer, more viable option for those with gold sensitivities.

Other metals also offer more variety in terms of color. Whereas gold is available in yellow, white and rose, other metals often come in black, grey, blue or mixtures thereof. These color options result in more discreet yet handsome pieces that match or contrast with nearly all your casual and formal wardrobe choices.

Stones: Type and Shape

Diamonds and sapphires are most common on men’s rings, but custom options let you pick and incorporate stones of your choice. That’s only the beginning of the fun. Selecting a shape ensures that the finished product corresponds closely to your sensibilities, preferences and requirements.

For shape: round and square modified brilliant are popular defaults. “Princess” is the common way to describe the latter shape. “Round” connotes a roundish diamond cut to have 58 optimally positioned facets. By contrast, a square modified brilliant is also roundish and quite brilliant, but it may have from 57 to an excess of 100 facets.

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