The Many Promises a Promise Ring Can Make

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Jewelry

Promise rings are a popular accessory. Most people associate these rings with young, starry-eyed lovers, but there are many reasons to buy a beautiful promise ring. Here are just a few of the most common:

A Promise of Commitment

Perhaps the most common reason for buying a promise ring is the thought of marriage or a similar commitment further down the road. Engagement rings can be very expensive, but not being able to afford one right away shouldn’t keep couples from being able to express their love and desire to be together forever. Promise rings for her will keep your sweetheart happy and reminded of your love while you save those paychecks for an even fancier piece!

A Promise of Ongoing Love

Young hearts are not the only ones who delight in the gift of a promise ring. Another common reason for gifting one of these sparklers to your sweetheart might be a simple reminder of a love that has aged like a fine wine. Just because you’ve been married for years doesn’t mean a little jewelry won’t get your lover’s heart beating faster!

Another common customer of promise rings for her are military spouses and partners or those who spend much time apart in body but not in heart. If you have to leave behind your lover for months at a time but want to remind them just how much you are thinking of them, a promise ring is a perfect way to say. “I’ll be missing you”.

A Promise to a Cause

Love is not the only reason to don a promise ring. Many people who want physical, visible reminders of their ongoing religious, social or other causes choose to wear promise rings as a symbol of that commitment. Whether you’re committing to your religion or to a cause you truly believe in, nothing helps you display that resolve like jewelry created for the purpose of promise.

Thinking of getting yourself or your loved one a promise ring? Shop one of NYC’s best jewelers and give the very best. After all, this is a promise you’re making; make it in precious metal, and make it count!

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