How to Use Creativity When Putting Your Cupcakes Inside a Box

by | Jul 11, 2019 | Shopping

After making cupcakes for your family to enjoy or for a special event, you need a way to store them so that the frosting and decorations aren’t ruined. There are boxes designed for this purpose that have divisions in them to separate cupcakes. However, there are a few other ideas to consider if you want to take your cupcake boxes and packages to another level.

Separating Frosting
When you put cupcakes inside a box, you can put a decorative item between each one to prevent the frosting from touching. You also need to make sure the box securely closes on the top and on the sides to prevent air from getting to the cupcakes. This will help to keep them fresh instead of drying out.

Making Your Own

If you want to get creative, then make your own cupcake boxes. You can design a large cupcake with sprinkles with the sweet treats inside. This would be an idea to consider for a birthday party. You can give the frosting on top of the box a realistic touch and feel by using clay. You can adjust the colors of the frosting based on the flavor of the cake and the colors associated with the event.

Box as a Base
Another fun idea would be to make a box that looks like a character or an animal. You can use a traditional cupcake box as the basis of this design so that you have the square or rectangular structure before adding the creative details. If you want to use the original box that you have, you can also make an oven design with the cupcakes inside. With a little tape on the outside edges, your cupcakes will be secure in the box until you’re ready to take them out of the decorative oven. You can often find individual boxes instead of larger boxes for cupcakes if you want to give one or two treats to someone.

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