How Do Airsoft Spring-Powered Guns Work?

How Do Airsoft Spring-Powered Guns Work?

An airsoft spring gun makes for one of the three available types of airsoft guns. It uses tension spring to shoot the pellets.


You need to manually cock the spring. When you finally squeeze the trigger—don’t yank on it, just squeeze—then the tension is released and the pellet or bb goes off. It’s single fire shooting, since you’ll need to manually cock it before every shot.

Basic Type

These are most the most basic types of airsoft guns out there. If you’re looking for a good entry-level weapon while you learn the ropes of airsoft gameplay, then this is a good choice for you.

Sniper Rifles

However, not all airsoft guns that run on spring power are basic. Sniper rifles are anything but. With precision and power, these spring-powered guns can help you take members of the opposing team down with ease, with firing speeds at around 500 fps. Since it’s long range shooting, the need to cock the gun before every shot isn’t as big of a disadvantage as it is when you’re talking about a close quarter fight.


On the other hand, if you do end up in a close quarter fight with nothing but a spring-powered gun to help you out, then you’re probably looking at a few minutes of frustrating gameplay as you try to cock your gun right after every shot. Since your firing speed is only at 170 to 350 fps, while rifles are at 300 to 400 fps, then you’re bound to suffer from poor firing accuracy as well, especially if you’re shooting in windy weather.

Ammo Reloads

The best thing about spring-powered guns, though, is that so long as you have the ammo, you could keep on shooting forever. Just make sure you use quality ammos, says Airsoft GI. Bad ones can damage your gun.