Get A Best Quality Loose Diamonds in Chicago Within Your Budget

Diamonds that have been certified tend to command a higher price than non-certified diamonds. However this doesn’t mean that they are worth more. Understanding the differences between certified and uncertified diamonds can assist you in deciding which option is best for your needs. A local jewelry store can also provide advice and insight into which types of diamonds are right for your diamond buying requirements.

Certified Loose Diamonds

Certified diamonds are diamonds which meet the stringent requirements of the certifying companies. The types of diamonds which can be qualified as certified loose diamonds in Chicago have a certain cut, clarity, and color as well as carat. These diamonds are just as beautiful as non certified ones but they have gone through a qualification process by a local gemological lab. Some of the gem labs include GIA, AGS, or EGL.

Certifying a Diamond

The laboratory will make sure that each diamond is a natural stone and that it hasn’t been enhanced in any way. Any imperfections will be noted and each diamond will be thoroughly inspected and scrutinized by a team of gemologists. The jewelers and gemologists use a jewelers loupe, microscope, and other tools of the trade in order to assess the condition of each diamond. Certified loose diamonds in Chicago are said to be of the best quality because of the stringent inspection process they have to undergo.

The Basics

Ultimately, it will make a lot more sense to buy an uncertified diamond if imperfections are not a priority. However if you are looking for the purest and most high quality diamonds that are currently available, certified loose diamonds can be your best choice. By comparing the prices, shapes, and options available, you can determine whether mounted diamonds or certified loose diamonds are the right fit for your needs. Albert’s Diamond Jewelers, can bet the best option for you as it offers you a wide range of loose diamonds that are all set by our experts and are certified as real to ensure your satisfaction.