Design Options In Black Diamond Earrings

Design Options In Black Diamond Earrings

Black diamonds, with their opaque jet black color and their natural luster and shine, are an ideal gemstone to be worn up near the face. They draw the eye and create shine and color, and they are also a versatile gemstone that coordinates well with any color you may choose to wear.

When trying to decide the best styles of black diamond earrings, it is important to keep a few different things in mind. Typically once people have a set of these black diamond jewelry items they want to get more, which means you always have the option to expand the collection over time.

Below are some of the most popular styles for women in black diamond earrings. These make terrific anytime gifts or for anniversaries, weddings or other special events.

1. Studs – stud earrings are always popular and are a great look for both day and evening wear. Black diamonds in silver or gold settings, or even with a thin halo of clear diamond chips, are a great addition to any jewelry collection.

2. Clusters – smaller black diamond chips set into a rosette type of design has a straight post like a stud is a classic look in black diamonds. This allows a bit more of the metal in the setting to show, and with white gold, silver or platinum this adds an additional level of sparkle.

3. Small hoops – small hopes that just hug the ear are a perfect match for daywear or for the business professional. They are also stunning for evening wear without being too elaborate or ornate.

4. Medium to large hoops – yellow or white gold hoops with channel set black diamonds are the perfect option for an evening on the town or a special event. These are a classic earring style that will always be current and one she will never get tired of wearing.

5. Chandelier – this is a more elaborate style of earring which includes several strands or design elements to hang down from the central design in front of the post. These are beautiful with either a silver or yellow gold metal setting and also match well with other gemstones for additional color and flash.

Keep in mind good quality black diamond earrings will last for a lifetime. Buying from a reputable jeweler and choosing a style that you like to wear, or you know she likes to wear, ensures that these earrings will also be a popular choice for daily or special event wear.