Company Shirts Embroidered Or Screen Printed?

Company Shirts Embroidered Or Screen Printed?

While many options exist for customizing your company shirts, embroidered apparel is one way to make the work stand out. This method is one of the oldest means of producing or reproducing original work. It dates back centuries, the work originally done by hand. Yet, while technology has reduced the need for work that relies totally on handiwork, embroidery continues to hold a special niche in the t-shirt and other apparel market.

What Does Embroidery Involve?

Embroidery is an ancient form of decorating fabric. Both a skill and an art, those who have employed it have been responsible for creating many great works of functional art. While in the past, embroidery required the use of nimble fingers, thimbles and thread, templates and sewing machines are more frequently today’s tools.

Types of Apparel Embroidery

If you plan to decorate a t-shirt or other piece of clothing with embroidery, you can do so relying on two different types of embroidery. These are:

1. Direct embroidery: You or the company will embroider the design or logo directly onto the item. Company shirts embroidered in this fashion feature designs that form an integral part of their fabric.

2. Indirect embroidery: If you choose this method, the printing company will attach a patch of your chosen embroidered design to the shirt or other item. You can remove it.

Company Shirts Embroidered

Your company may decide on embroidery shirts over other types for any number of reasons. The most common ones are:

  • They stand out creating the appearance of a 3D design
  • Classical and very professional appearance
  • Durability and preciseness of the work

Company shirts embroidered instead of screen-printed may be more expensive. Yet, they do project a professional and very tasteful look for your business. Consider the durability of this technique and its ability to be precise and exhibit the desirable characteristics associated with quality.