Buy The Best Diamond Wedding Ring Ever Gifted.

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Jewelry

Are you someone who wishes to give your girlfriend the best diamond wedding ring ever gifted by anyone in this world? There are a number of varieties of diamond rings available in the market. Depending upon the budget you can choose the perfect diamond wedding ring in Valparaiso for your partner.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Wedding Ring

When choosing the best diamond wedding ring, you need to make sure the quality of the diamond is really good. The 4 C rule will help you in selecting the best diamond wedding ring for your life partner.

1. Cut: The cut is one of the major factors that decide the price of a diamond wedding ring. The better the cut, the better will be the sparkle and the more will be the price. There are many varieties of cuts. The most precious and brilliant cut is “Blue Nile Signature Cut”. Only 1% of diamonds represent this cut.

2. Color: The color of diamond looks like pale yellow. So while grading diamonds, we should look for lack of color. The lesser the color, the finer the grade. Grade D is considered to be the best grade whereas grade Z is considered to be the poorest. The Blue Nile diamond which is considered to be the best diamond available in the market falls in the D-J category.

3. Clarity: All diamonds have some imperfections. Most of these imperfections are not visible to our eyes. It will be visible only through a microscope. Clarity plays an important role in deciding the real value of the diamond.

4. Carat: One of the most familiar terms is carat. Carat in simple terms means the weight of the diamond.

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