Air Soft Gun Basics

by | May 9, 2016 | Shopping

No worries if you don’t know the first thing about buying an airsoft gun. Here are a few essential tips you can read through to help you find the soft air gun that fits your needs, goals and wallet.

3 Types

There are three types of an airsoft guns, says the Airsoft Dome. These include the following:

  • Spring-powered airsoft gun. You need to cock it back before you can fire a shot. That can be inconvenient especially if you want to fire three to four shots, one after another. It just doesn’t have the same flair to it if you cock it back every time. However, beginners will find this gun easy to use and master. If you like to start off with something simple, then this is an excellent choice for you.
  • Electric Airsoft gun. This is the most powerful out of the three types of airsoft guns available. You won’t have to reload much too often. Also, the firing speed and power of the battery-operated motor is a cut above the rest. The downsides? If your battery runs out, it could leave you at the mercy of the fates with nothing but your secondary weapon to help you out.
  • Gas-powered airsoft gun. A gun that uses compressed CO2 to propel the pellets out of the barrel. It’s a powerful tool but inconvenient since it drains much too easily.

Primary and Secondary Guns

When you’re out on the field playing another airsoft war or participating in firearms training, it’s better if you decide on your primary and secondary weapons. Do this before you head out there and joint the rest for what promises to be a grueling but fun few hours of game play. This will give you more chances of staying in the game as well as simulating a real life situation where there are almost zero breaks for reloading time or fixing guns.


This is the main weapon you have. You start the game shooting this one. Because you’ll often turn to your main weapon more than the second one, it’s better if you use a heavy-duty performer to stand up to regular use.


This is the one you use if you need to switch from your primary weapon. It’s customary to pick a pistol or revolver for your secondary weapon since it’s usually a smaller weapon you should be able to easily carry around with you. You could have your main weapon in a side holster and have your clutch piece strapped to your leg so it won’t be as obvious as strapping it by your waist.

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